MHS Hindu Temple Convention 2018

Hindu temples are not mere places of worship. The temple was all-in-all in the Hindu social life for centuries. Malaysia Hindu Sangam organises the ‘National Temple Convention – Foundation for the Future’. The main concern of this convention is to gather all the Hindu temples in Malaysia to align in the same line expressing religious projects and community services. In the year of 2012, MHS has released the very first version of “Garis Panduan Kuil Hindu Kebangsaan (National Hindu Temple Guideline)” book in our Malay language. MHS decided to release in national language is for the upbringing of organizational development in governance sector. Tamil and English versions are in the progress for the next release.

This convention will take place, in every state of Malaysia. We have kick started the circle of 2018, at Pahang, Melacca and Negeri Sembilan. This event is open to public and we encourage all the age group Hindus to participate in this convention.The success of this convention, we hope will lay a solid foundation to revitalize the Hindu temples in Malaysia and to restore its past glory as the epitome of Hindu culture and civilization.

” A continuous support and participation from public much needed for the successful of this noble motive.” said MHS President Datuk RS Mohan Shan.

“Garis Panduan Kuil Hindu Kebangsaan (National Hindu Temple Guideline)” book available for sale at Malaysia Hindu Sangam nationwide. We have attached some glimpse of the content here:-

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