Hindu Vidhyalaya Community Pre-School

Hindu Vidhyalaaya Community Preschool (An educational arm of Malaysia Hindu Sangam)

Hindu Vidhyalaaya Community Preschool (HVCP) started its pilot project in 2005 by initiating preschool education for underprivileged children living around the temple areas using the existing space and infrastructures of the temple. To date, HVCP has about 23 HVCP centres all over the country.

The HVCP teachers were trained by Malaysian Community Education Foundation under Harapan Preschool.

The Mission

  1. To provide preschool education for all underprivileged children.
  2. To nurture, educate and prepare the children for Year One primary education in a respectable and diverse environment.
  3. To inculcate moral and religious values.
  4. To teach them to speak well in Tamil, Malay, and English.
  5. HVCP curriculum is designed to help each child to develop his/her own potential within an atmosphere which nurtures positive self-image and social skills.