MHS Perak Welfare

Activities in December 2016

Recap on MHS Perak Welfare dept. previous visit dated back to 30th November 2016. Mr Ramaiyah aged 73, is a retired TNB staff, his wife Mdm Shanthi aged 61 is a severe diabetes patient whereby she needs to take insulin on a daily basis. They are receiving a monthly pension of RM200 which is not sufficient enough to run the family. They have 5 children . 4 girls and 1 boy. Two of their children are OKU, the other 2 children left the family many years ago. Currently Mr Ramaiyah, his wife and two of his OKU daughters are residing at a rented house with a monthly rental of RM300. Ms Tamilrasi aged 30,(Mentally retarted ) is receiving an aid from JKM of RM200 which is just sufficient enough for her own medical and pampers usage. The other OKU daughter MS Sivasangkari (dwarf) aged 19, is also receiving an aid from JKM of RM300 for her medical usage. For the moment Mr Ramaiyah’s elder daughter Mrs Jayanthi who is a clerk at PSH Hospital, married with 2 children, is helping out for the extra needs and is taking care of the family. She has her own family to look after too. Most of the days the family skip their meals. Mrs Jayanthi approached us for assistance in financially to pay off the bills. As per promised we have delivered the following things:-
1) Accumulated electric bill of RM250 – paid
2) 1 month groceries
3) 1 month house rental of RM300- paid
Case was concluded by Mrs Pathma Devi from MHS Perak State Welfare Head on 15th December 2016. A special thanks to Mr Ramachandran – Welfare Head from MHS TG Malim LC for ur generous contribution to cover the accumulated electric bill of RM250.


Adopt a Student Programme

MHS Tanjung Malim Welfare Section Leader En. P. Ramachandra has offered financial assistance to Mdm.Kuppayee, Headmistress of SJKT Tan Sri Dato’ Manickavasagam. The money was utilised to puchase new uniform for a student, Visnavi. The student will be financially supported by MHS Tg Malim Welfare throughout the 2017 school year.


Welfare Activity on 28 December 2016

Recap on our previous visit which is dated back to the 20th May 2016, 27th June 2016, 26th Sept 2016 and 30th November 2016. We have delivered one month’s worth of groceries to Mdm Pasupathy and her son Mr Ganesan who is a disable, due to a neck and vein injury. Their application for financial aid was rejected by Jabatan Kebajikan Negeri Perak. Appeal form was handed over to Mrs Pathma Devi MHS Perak State Welfare Section Head and thus she promised to monitor the case closely. Accompanied by her Deputy Ms Rani And Mr Munusamy on 28th December 2016.


Counter to Assist BRIM Applicants

MHS Perak State Welfare Team Head Mrs.Pathma Devi & Deputy Miss Rani set up a counter to assist public to fill up BRIM application forms.
Dated : 31st December 2016


Recap on our previous visit dated 13th July 2016 and 31st August 2016. This is a followed up case containing Mrs Chandravathy aged 39 who is breast cancer patient. She passed away a month ago leaving her four young children age ranging from 16, 14, 11 and 8 who is Currently being taken care by their grandparents. Mrs Pathma Devi from MHS Perak State Welfare Head tendered a helping hand by providing two of the younger child a pair of school uniforms, shoes and school bags . To add on this, We have promised to the grandparents to supply them the needed workbooks in a month time for 4 of them. Case was attended on 30th December 2016.