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On Wednesday, 25 May 2017- A panel discussion was held to discuss why Hindus in Malaysia are against Dr Zakir Naik. The discussion was arranged by Committee to Promote Inter-faith Understanding & Harmony (JKMPKA) under the Prime Minister’s Department. The panel from Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) were Guruji Shakthi Priyananda, Dato’Jegathesan, Dr Bala Tharmalingam, and Datuk RS Mohan Shan. Some Buddhist representatives and Muslim group leaders also joined the discussion at Putrajaya. The meeting was chaired by YBhg Dato’ Azman Amin bin Hassan, Director General of National Unity and Integration Department (PJNIN). 

The forum was initiated by JPNIN with the objective to understand the Hindu community’s concern over Zakir Naik’s speeches in Malaysia. The panel from MHS spoke about many issues especially relating to misquotes of the Vedas by Zakir Naik, mala fide methodology of Zakir Naik in manipulating the Vedas in intention to convert the Hindus and more importantly about the urgent need of interfaith collaborations to safeguard peace, unity, and harmony in the multiracial community.

The Muslim groups were updated specifically about the feelings of Hindus pertaining to “misquotes of Vedas”, encompassing “degrading” and “humiliations” of Hinduism in Zakir Naik’s speeches. The core message delivered was – Don’t disrespect, insult, abuse or slander a religion in the attempt to show the supremacy of another religion.

A complete report will be submitted on Zakir Naik’s slanderous misquotes which apparently is a threat to multiracial unity. It is agreed that strategic solutions will be adopted to foster interfaith collaboration in Malaysia.

Datuk RS Mohan Shan, the National President of MHS and a member of JKMPKA said that all the relevant parties were concerned and are of the view that National Unity is of utmost concern. A follow-up meeting will be held soon.

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Admin @ Malaysia Hindu Sangam

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