23rd September 2020 –

MHS urges social media users to stop spreading baseless allegation and hate news on the visit made by MHS officials to the PAS headquarters on 15th September 2020. On an invitation from the President of PAS, YB Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, who is also a Member of Parliament, MHS officials had paid the said friendly visit. PAS which is part of the current ruling government arranged for this meeting as a means of promoting religious tolerance and unity.

Prior to this, several PAS leaders paid a visit to MHS Headquarters in Petaling Jaya and expressed their interest to meet MHS representatives. In this meeting both parties had a long dialogue session on religious tolerance and matters concerning both Hindu and Islam religions in the country. As a follow-up session, MHS was invited to the PAS Headquarters.

During this visit, MHS brought forward some key issues such as RUU 355 (Hudud), finding Mdm Indra Gandhi’s daughter and re-uniting her with the mother, and the right to practice preferred religion and language under the Federal Constitution to the attention of PAS. Issues like wrong understanding of Hinduism by Islamic Religious preachers which is resulting in ill statement by some controversial preachers, were also brought and discussed with the President of PAS. All the issues that were brought forward to PAS were accepted in an open manner and MHS received a positive feedback for almost all the issues.

MHS strongly condemn all those who are spreading fake news in social media by hiding the real intention and rationale behind this meeting which was done in the best interest of the country and Hindu religion.  The public is advised to ignore such messages and stop sharing it.

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