Only 400k Indians filled MyCensus 2020!

24 December 2020 @ Putrajaya

Malaysia Hindu Sangam urges the Indian community to update their MyCensus data now. Till to date, only about 400,000 Indians have taken part in the e-census.

Yesterday, MALAYSIA HINDU SANGAM (MHS) paid a visit to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) to clarify some of the issues related to the e-Census 2020.

Madam Kanageswary Ramasamy, the Director in DOSM clarified about the fear among the Indian community about the e-Census. The final data that will be published by the Department will be based on Indian ethnicity alone. Indians will not be divided as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc. Moreover, the Department works with high integrity and therefore, people should not be afraid to give their datas.

Despite rigorous attempt by DOSM to reach out to the Indian community through various channels, the response is alarming poor. Till now, only about 400,000 Indians have taken part in the e-census. From the existing data of about 2 million Indians in the country, the present figures are of grave concern.

Though some Tamil schools, temples and even NGOs had come forward to help the community to fill up the online form, hardly half of Indian population have done their part.

“We live in a democratic country. Just like we exercise our right to vote every five years, we have to take part in this census. Only by taking part in the census, we will become a data, a number in the country. It is our duty to ensure that we are counted,” says Datuk RS Mohan Shan, President of Malaysia Hindu Sangam.

Census is done every ten years. The next census will be in 2030. Until then, the data we provide now, will be the only only official population count. Once the datas are published, no alteration will be done.

Therefore, Malaysia Hindu Sangam urges all Indians, especially MHS members and councils to immediately submit their MyCensus form and help others who are not IT-savvy to do so. MHS also through its State and Local Councils will play a part to help the public with clarification and assist in filling up the data.

“It is time to act. Let us not be divided by differences of opinion to seal our own fate. We should think about our future in this country as one voice. Do not hesitate to do our duty, that is right. We urge all, even Hindu temples to come forward to help the community to update the e-census, urged Madam T.Gowri, the Honorary Assistant Secretary of MHS.

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Admin @ Malaysia Hindu Sangam

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