MHS Perak Mother’s Day Celebration

Bringing Smiles to Mothers

Mother’s Day is a Day to Appreciate Mothers and Motherhood. It is a day to thank mothers for everything they have done for us. MHS Perak Welfare Team headed by Mrs Pathma Devi on 19th May 2017 identified 3 underprivileged mothers who deserved a special treat and made a surprise visit at their homes.
Mdm Shanti, aged 61, is a diabetes patient. Her husband is a retired TNB staff. They have five children, 4 girls, and a boy. Two of their children are OKU and the other 2 children left their family many years ago. Mdm Shanthi sacrificed her whole life taking care of her two OKU children, one is mentally retarded and the other one is a dwarf.

Mdm Chellam, aged 76 years, is a mother who raised her 2 children since her husband abandoned them many years back. She is a retired nurse from Hospital Besar Kuala Terengganu. She has been a nurse for 50 years based on the Bloodbank. 5 years ago she became totally blind and has been wheelchair bound.
Mdm Devaki, aged 55, is a widow. She is residing with her 3rd son Mr Sathiayasilan aged 33, who is dumb and deaf. His wife left him a few years ago with 3 young children ages ranging from 10, 6 and 5. Her son is receiving a monthly OKU aid of RM300, but it is insufficient enough to run the family. She kept the family going with the earnings as a domestic helper for few residences, in which she generates approximately around RM200 to RM300 per month.

It was really touching moments to see the smiles on the these innocent faces as the proverb goes nothing is great in this world without the purest love and warmth of our mothers. That is the true definition of a Mother.??????







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