Malaysia Hindu Sangam ardently echoes the statement made by the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism today on the Federal Government’s plan to include a Bill on control and restrictions on development of non-muslim religions under the new syariah law as blurted recently by Ahmad Marzuk Shaary, the Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister’s Department (religious affairs).

Malaysia Hindu Sangam is indeed very disappointed for such an irresponsible and insensitive statement made by the Deputy Minister. The contradicting statements by the Minister and his deputy clearly shows that the matter was not even discussed and deliberated internally before hitting the headlines.

Do we need such an announcement to be made by a federal deputy minister now, when the whole nation is still struggling to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and people of all walks is still trying to get a grip to the daily life? It keeps un wondering now what is the main agenda of the current government? If the Prime Minister celebrates the Malaysia Family concept, then why place the non-Muslim in such an anxiety and uneasiness?

Malaysia Hindu Sangam urges the deputy minister to first thoroughly study the Articles enshrined in our Federal Constitutions as to the rights to profess and practise religion by each and every citizen in our beloved nation. The Deputy Minister must embrace his own statement when he said “Everyone has a role to play in ensuring the harmony and unity of the country. We should respect the basis that has been laid down in the Federal Constitution”. Exactly, do what is necessary to enhance the unity and harmony as the main strength for our development and not do the opposite. We also urge the Government of the day to put things right, in perspective, delivery first what is urgently needed for the wellbeing of the people and create a peaceful and happy multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia to live in.

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