Concern Over Teenager’s Suicide!

17 May – Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Malaysia Hindu Sangam expresses its deep concern about the suicide of a teenager in Sarawak on 13 May. MHS urge all relevant authorities must take immediate action to investigate the matter thoroughly from all perceptive. This is yet another horror brought about by social media.

MHS laud the Youth and Sports Minister’s call for a national level discussion on the mental health. Malaysians have largely shown a reluctant approach to mental health. We can no longer take this lightly. A national level discussion will help to create awareness. MHS will give its full participation in this.

Parents must take responsibility to support and guide their children, especially teenagers. They should not shift the burden to teachers and the government. Be responsible parents and give them religious and moral values. Parents must ensure that their children get religious education, only secular education is insufficient.

All religions look upon suicide as a sin. It is a crime under the law. Children and teenager must be taught what is right and wrong. Let the Ministry of Education ensure that this message is given in the school curriculum focusing on mental health and wellbeing.

As a responsible religious organisation, MHS is increasing its engagement with teenagers and youths through its various activities in every parts of the nation. MHS also is conducting Hindu religious teachers training to cater to the increase in demand for such teachers. Interested Hindu adults may approach MHS to become a religious teacher in schools and temples. We shall also look into imparting religious values which is the best self-motivation a person can acquire. MHS Youth Bureau is working with full force to increase collaboration with IPTA, IPTS, Colleges, and Secondary schools, to reach out to the young generations. For all these, we require more selfless volunteers. Let all the youths come out to help.    

On this solemn moment, MHS thank all the teachers out there who are giving their best to educate our children. We hope this will be another opportunity for us to appreciate our teachers, who are dedicating their lives to instil good values besides imparting knowledge to the young.    

Our condolences to the girl’s family and we pray that her soul may find peace.

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