MHS Bukit Bendera Council organised “Aalayam Selvom” programme

On 13/4/2018, Religious Bureau of MHS Bukit Bendera Council organised “Aalayam Selvom” programme collaboration with SJK(T) Azad, Pulau Pinang with support Nattukkottai Chettiar Temple, Waterfall Road, Penang.

The programme was conducted by Mr.N.Dinesh Varman Gurukal (Chairman, Religious Bureau, MHS Penang State Council, while it was witnessed by  Mr.AL.Lakshumanan (Trustee, Nattukottai Chettiar Temple), Thondermani S.Kathamah (Headmistress, SJKT Azad), Viveka Nayagan A.Tharman (Chairman, MHS Bukit Bendera Council), MHS Bukit Bendera Committee Members and SJK(T) Azad teachers and students.

The objective of “Aalayam Selvom” programme is to encourage the young generation to visit the temple regularly as part of their social, spiritual, and religious wellness. In line with the objective, MHS have taken the effort to transform the Hindu temples as a community centre.

The Nattukkottai Chettiar Temple trustee appreciated on our move &  welcome more religious and wellness programme from MHS.

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