Varanasi or Kasi is the only known pilgrimage where the procedure is divinely revealed in the Itihasas.

In the Ananda Ramayana (Hara Kandam, Tenth Chapter), Lord Siva is saying:

“Those who bathe in Sethu (Rameswaram sea) and prays to Rameswarar, performs the rituals of taking the earth proceeds to Varanasi (Kasi), drops the earth and takes the Ganga water to Rameswaram to Abiseigam Ramanathaswamy, he/she will attain eternal bliss. If the Ganga water is brought back to Rameswaram without ritual, he/she will not reach Rameswaram and if he/she reaches, then belief me, it is due to the deeds in the previous birth”.

In the Adhyatma Ramayana (Yuddha Kandam, Fourth Chapter), Lord Ramachandra is saying:

“Those who pray to lord Siva in Rameswaram, I will forgive all their sins. Those who bathe in Sethu, and prays to Rameswarar, performs the required ritual and proceeds to Kasi to bring back the Ganga water for Abiseigam to Rameswarar, he/she will attain eternal bliss. There shall be no doubt about this”.

MHS in collaboration with Sri Kasi Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd organises the complete pilgrimage to Kasi and Rameswaram.

This fifteen days pilgrimage is conducted following the procedures given in the Ananda Ramayana and Adhyatma Ramayana.



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