Akshaya Patra Project

Let’s do our bit to ensure that nobody goes hungry!

The Rationale

“An empty stomach is not good for religion”. Let us first feed our poor and less fortunate Hindus. The Hindu religion has always given importance to acts of charity to all living beings. It is one of the duties of the householders to alleviate the hunger of others.

With this view, the Akshaya Patra Project was initiated in temples. The public can donate groceries at this Akshaya Patra centres. The donated groceries will be collected and distributed among needy families around or near the temple.

The beneficiaries are mainly single mothers, elderly people who have no family support and families with low income. They will be identified by MHS Local Council members.

What Can You Donate

Groceries (with long shelf life) which you may donate are:

  • Milk powder, condensed milk, coffee powder, Milo,  and tea leaves/bags
  • Rice and flour
  • Dhall, lentils, and other grains
  • Dry noodles and instant noodles
  • Cooking oil
  • Margarine and jam
  • Sugar and salt
  • Oats and other cereals
  • Biscuits and crackers
  • Other non-perishable groceries

Let’s do our bit to ensure that nobody goes hungry.