MHS Women



MALAYSIA HINDU SANGAM (MHS) National Women Bureau had been in existence since the formation of MHS in 1965. Its main function is to render help and assistance to Hindu women in distress and at the same time organise programmes and activities for the upliftment of Hindu women and the development of Hinduism in Malaysia.

The vision of MHS towards establishing a more dynamic women bureau and as a move to empower them resulted in the creation of a formal structure of the MHS National Women Bureau in July 2014. Thus, a platform to identify, introduce, address and solve larger issues involving Hindu women in this country was born.

Women in MHS are now seen as a driving force within the organization to act as visionary leaders, planner, implementer and motivators of the future generation. Recognising the contribution of Hindu women leaders, in 2015, a new award were introduced in MHS called ‘Viveka Nayagi’.

The goals of MHS National Women Bureau include firstly to be a recognised apex body to and for all Malaysian Hindu women especially in social, cultural and religious spheres and secondly to promote self-confidence, self-reliance, community participation, health and well-being, and social skills among Hindu women.

The MHS National Women Bureau holds dear to three basic principles of Hinduism viz. Selfless Service, Knowledge Seeking and Upholding the Religion. It is these three guiding principles which are driving the Women Bureau in achieving its goals and targets.

MHS Women Bureau also plays a key role in the overall development of women by actively participating in women-orientated NGOs, such as the National Council of Women’s Organisations (NCWO).