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Vanakam. Malaysia Hindu Sangam humbly requests all Hindu temples that celebrate the Thaipusam this year to observe religious values and uphold the sanctity and solemnity of Thaipusam.

Thaipusam is principally a festival to fulfill vows. Devotees who carry Kavadis observe strict vows (Vratam) such as fasting or eating vegetarian meals only, continence, etc. In observing vows, the devotees avoid all kinds of frivolous activities such as listening/dancing to indecent music.

Unfortunately, in recent times, it has become a fashion in some temples, where young devotees engage in merry-making activities in Tanneer Panthal such as dancing to cinema music. This not only create displeasure among other devotees but also gave a very poor image of the Hindu religion and temple.

It is high time that the temple managements take proper actions to ensure that the temple premises do not become merry-making grounds. Young devotees must be guided and encouraged to sing, play traditional instruments, and dance to Bhakti songs appropriate to temples.

Once again, Malaysia Hindu Sangam reminds all Temples to observe the Thaipusam Guidelines given. With concerted effort, we can reclaim the glory of Sanatana Dharma in this country.

Sri Kasi Sangapooshan Tanga Ganesan


Malaysia Hindu Sangam

1 February 2023

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