The Controversial Scene in Sarkar will be deleted!

15 November

The Censorship Board has given assurance that the controversial scene in the Tamil movie, Sarkar will be deleted.

Datuk RS Mohan Shan, President of Malaysia Hindu Sangam met the officer at the Censorship Board following the complaint on the scene which has received objections from Malaysian Hindus. Considering the religious sensitivities of the Hindus, the Censorship Board has decided to delete the scene immediately.

“Usually, the Censorship Board consult MHS on movies which contain scenes which could be sensitive or objectionable to the Hindus. The last movie which we viewed prior to screening was ‘Tharai Thappatthai’ which was subsequently banned in Malaysia. For Sarkar, we were not called. However, after the movie was released in the local cinemas and the Hindus raised objections to a particular scene, MHS has acted promptly to contact the Censorship Board and requested the scene to be removed” said Datuk Mohan Shan.

From tomorrow, all cinemas will show Sarkar without the controversial scene.

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